Pre-Designed Cakes

If your event (or your budget) doesn't require a custom-designed cake, one of our signature Sweet & Simple cake designs below is sure to coordinate with any style. These cakes are perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, small gatherings, birthday parties, office parties, holidays, and more. Our Sweet & Simple cakes are made fresh to order and designed in buttercream icing. You get to choose your favorite cake flavor and filling, the color of the icing, and the color of the sprinkles or type of candy if applicable. 

Sweet & Simple Buttercream Cakes

We can do a variety of sweet & simple buttercream designs.

  • 6" Cake  -  Serves up to 8 .......... $40

  • 8" Cake  -  Serves up to 16 ........ $80

  • 10" Cake - Serves up to 24 ........ $120

  • 12" Cake - Serves up to 34 ........ $170

Ombre designs are an extra $10.

Fondant accents, cake toppers, flowers, etc. are an extra charge. 

Drip Cakes

I am in LOVE with this fun new style! For this design, we will never make the exact same design. We can change out colors, toppings, etc. And if you choose to give me creative freedom, that would make make me so happy! A few different design ideas - choose whichever option you like best.


Color Scheme Ideas

  • Bright and colorful, lots of colors

  • Choose 2-3 colors and keep it all in a coordinating color scheme

  • Soft light pretty colors 

  • Something with gold, maybe soft pretty pinks, gold, and whites (Gold drips are an added cost)

  • Something bright but elegant like a hot pink cake body with gold drips. Or pink drips wth gold cake body. 


Top of Cake Ideas 

  • Upside Down Ice Cream cone to make it look like it's melting and dripping down the cake

  • Swirly Bark

  • Wavy Chocolate "Tissue"

  • Cotton Candy

  • Gumballs, Sixlets, Skittles, M&M's, Sprinkles

  • Chopped Peeps

  • Cookies - Chocolate chip, oreo, madelines, etc

  • Donuts

  • Colored White Chocolate molded shapes - gems, pyramids, etc.

  • Chocolate Candies - Kit kats, Reeses, etc. 

  • Cake Topper - with a name, number, any special words, etc. (extra cost)

  • French Macaron Cookies (extra cost)

  • Fresh Flowers (extra cost)

Drip Cake Prices


6" diameter

Regular height 4-5" tall 

8 servings 



6" diameter

Extra tall 6-8" tall



8" diameter

Regular height 4-5" tall

16 servings 



8" diameter 

Extra tall cake 7"-8" tall



10" diameter 

Regular height 4-5" tall

24 servings



10" diameter

Extra tall - 7"-8" tall 



12" diameter 

Regular height 4-5" tall

34 servings



12" diameter

Extra tall 7-8" tall



Giant Cupcakes

Giant Cupcake Cake
  • $50 for a cake in the shape of a giant cupcake. This feeds up to 10 people. This cake is great for small birthday gatherings, a 1st birthday smash cake, or for a cake in the center of a cupcake display.

  • Hardened Chocolate shell "cupcake wrapper" is an extra $10.

  • Fondant accents like little extra flowers, butterflies, etc are extra 

Decadent Dessert Style Cakes

  • 6" Cake  -  Serves up to 8 .......... $40

  • 8" Cake  -  Serves up to 16 ........ $80

  • 10" Cake - Serves up to 24 ........ $120

  • 12" Cake - Serves up to 34 ........ $170


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